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AC97 sound quality


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Hi all!


My 1st post here, so I'll include all the info I can. First of all, the computer I'm using:


Motherboard: MSI P4MAM2-V (VIA P4M266A + 8237® chipset)

CPU: Celeron-D 2.4Ghz

Memory: 512MB Ram

Harddrive: 80G WD HD

Video: NVidia Geforce FX 5200 (256MB RAM) AGP

CD/DVD: Samsung DVD-RAM drive


Here is my problem... I installed OS X Leopard (ToH) with absolutely no probs (Im using it now). I am dual-booting with windows XP. All works fine (video after NVInject patch) exept for the audio. I did have only left side, then applied the VIAaudio patch and got stereo out of it, BUT, the quality is sub-zero... Very distorted. It does work, and I do have stereo sound, but it sounds like a warped scrached up OLD Vinyl record.


Also the USB ports seem to be a little flaky. My printer (Epson Photo R200) sometimes gives a "comunication error" and I have to reboot to get it to print, then right at boot up, it begins printing. I am not new to trying new things, and also have had many versions of linux installed on this same computer and have had that problem b4. So I am familiar with linux/unix commands.


If I can get my sound working properly, good bye windows! lol


Any help would be appreciated. Thanx

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