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Dual Core motherboards

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I have recently begun to look at building my own Mac so I could more easily upgrade it myself in the future (currently I need a workstation to take some of the load off my tablet). Since I am looking to build something further upgradable, I decided to first look for a dual socket motherboard which could use Intel's new Zeon 5400 series processors. So far, I have seen a few motherboards that would do what I need, however I was wondering how the current mother boards that are mac-hackable compare to simply buying a Mac Pro. I am a student so I can purchase a Mac Pro for $2150 (with only one quad core CPU to start). Should I just purchase a Mac Pro from Apple or are there any boards out that can blow the current Mac Pro motherboard away and run OS X (the Intel D5400XS cannot currently support OSx86 ;) ). If the Mac Pro motherboard is indeed the better buy, does anyone know if I will get the same dual socket board when I order a Mac Pro with one chip?


Thanks in advance!

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