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AppleHFS Driver V5.1.5640

About This File

Read-Only HFS+ driver from Boot Camp 5.1.5640

Install Apple HFS+ Driver:

1. Uninstall other HFS file system driver

2. Copy AppleHFS.sys / AppleMNT.sys to \Windows\System32\drivers\

3. Run AppleHFS_Add.reg

4. Restart


Remove Apple HFS+ Driver:

1. Rename AppleHFS.sys / AppleMNT.sys to AppleHFS.sys.bak / AppleMNT.sys.bak (\Windows\System32\drivers\)

2. Restart

3. Delete AppleHFS.sys.bak / AppleMNT.sys.bak

4. Run AppleHFS_Remove.reg


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my mac partition is readable from my dual boot win partition.

read only any solution for read and write? ;)

Thanks a lot!! T_Z :)

5 stars!

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