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[Lion] HDMI audio with GT220 don't works

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Hi ;),

I have build an Hackintosh for use als HTPC. I have everything working, except my HDMI audio. The most important thing for me... I have tried many different methods, but I can't fix it. So I hope you could help me with HDMI audio in Lion. My specifications are in my signature and I will post my 'log' in this start post!

I think my DSDT edits are good, because it shows up in Systemprofiler... But it doesn't show up in Systempreferences > Audio... Should it be a DSDT problem with PEG0 > PEGP or something? I didn't know how to edit that..

I did much research and I made a checklist of my research and the requirements for HDMI audio!

Systemprofiler > Displays screenshot
Shows it Television = Yes? Yes
Is everything good recognized of your GPU? Yes

Systemprofiler > Audio screenshot
Does it show your audio chip and correct inputs / outputs? Yes
Does it show HDMI / Display port output? Yes

Systempreferences > Displays screenshot
Do you see 720p and 1080p output? Yes

DSDT download DSDT
Do you use a DSDT? Yes
Do you have a HDAU section with HDA GFX? Yes
Do you have a GFX0 section with HDA GFX? Yes
Do you have a GFX0 section with @1,connector-type and @0,connector-type? Yes
Do you have a working HDEF section in DSDT? Yes, works with AppleHDA kext

IOREG download IOREG log
Can you find an HDAU section in ioreg? Yes
Is there a HDA GFX inside HDAU? Yes
What is your HDMI device id? (from IOREG)? de 10 e2 0b (thats the device id inside AppleHDA).
What is your HDMI codec id? (from IOREG)? 0a 00 de 10 (that's also the codec id inside AppleHDA).

Have you connected the television to your HTPC (with HDMI cable)? Yes
What do you use for GPU support? GraphicsEnabler
How have you got normal audio working? (ALC 889)? With and modified AppleHDA kext from > http://www.insanelym...howtopic=140941). (search for ALC889 "(Gigabyte Sandy Bridge mother boards)")
What version of AppleHDA do you use? version 2.1.1f12

Other downloads: Extra folder

I hope you could help me to find a solution :).



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Does someone have a idea? I don't know how to fix it ...
I have checked my HDMI device and codec id and it is the same as the ID in the AppleHDA.



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Would love to know this for Nvidia GTX 560 as well !



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It may be weird, but I use appleHDA combined with voodooHDA to get both onboard audio and HDMI work in the same time

- for the onboard ALC272X, I use appleHDA with DSDT edit for HDEF section.
- for HDMI, I use voodoo HDA, by change IOPCIClassMatch in the info.plist
to IOPCIPrimary Match. I also have same controller with you (10de:0be2) with nVidia GT 330M
It will detect four of the HDMI audios but the usable one is 2nd.

The version of voodooHDA you can use is old version only (0.2.1 is the best)
because newer version of voodooHDA acting strangely with the 0be2 controller



But I prefer onboard ALC272X enabled by voodooHDA because the sound is more clear and more beautiful, especially when use with "Pure Music"

and sure, HDMI won't work when I use voodooHDA to enable the onboard one.

for 3 years now, I've searching for the method to enable 10de:0be2 HDMI audio by using AppleHDA

but I've never made it success, so sad T^T

If someone can help me, I will be very thankful to you.

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