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  1. [Lion] HDMI audio with GT220 don't works

    It may be weird, but I use appleHDA combined with voodooHDA to get both onboard audio and HDMI work in the same time - for the onboard ALC272X, I use appleHDA with DSDT edit for HDEF section. - for HDMI, I use voodoo HDA, by change IOPCIClassMatch in the info.plist to IOPCIPrimary Match. I also have same controller with you (10de:0be2) with nVidia GT 330M It will detect four of the HDMI audios but the usable one is 2nd. The version of voodooHDA you can use is old version only (0.2.1 is the best) because newer version of voodooHDA acting strangely with the 0be2 controller Cheers But I prefer onboard ALC272X enabled by voodooHDA because the sound is more clear and more beautiful, especially when use with "Pure Music" and sure, HDMI won't work when I use voodooHDA to enable the onboard one. for 3 years now, I've searching for the method to enable 10de:0be2 HDMI audio by using AppleHDA but I've never made it success, so sad T^T If someone can help me, I will be very thankful to you.
  2. I do this for my friend He has two graphic cards: - Intel 4500 GMA (Which is not MACOSX friendly) : I can find the way to make it work but no QE/CI - nVidia Geforce 9600M GT : Work with QE/CI : I use nvdarwin 1.2.5 But... Every time I boot in MACOSX The default card will be Intel GMA 4500 And I don't know how to switch or change the default graphic chips T^T Anybody, please help -/\- Cheers ^ ^ I've already attached my clean DSDT and Pictures that may help - Specs - BenQ Joybook S42 CPU : Intel Centrino 2 Graphics : hybrid : the two chips above And there's no Graphics card Switching Mode or any adjustment available in BIOS T___T dsdt_C.zip
  3. I just installed Rosetta and Run PPC app, It doesn't work So I Try this Script sudo sysctl -w kern.exec.archhandler.powerpc=/usr/libexec/oah/translate It still doesn't work too. Here is my console log please help me..
  4. Once I used to install PowerPC App. And it automatically install Rosetta for me Then I was surprised because it has Rosetta prefpane come with it One month later I have to install new MacOS and then never see it again, no matter how much I try so... Does Rosetta really have prefpane come with it ? O_o? Is it essential for rosetta ? Where I can find it (It doesn't come with Retail DVD) Thank you
  5. I've already found a solution : Battery Icon will work with - VoodooBattery - AppleACPIplatform.kext from 10.6 But AppleACPIplatform.kext from 10.6 Can't install will my LAN and Wireless kext ; It will cause system freeze Could there any way to make battery icon usable in lion by not to install AppleACPIplatform.kext from 10.6 Thank you very much
  6. I just Installed these kexts ; IONetworkingFamily.kext ; to make my LAN Broadcom BCM57780 and Wireless Atheros AR9287 to work And this kext "AppleACPIPlatform" one of two kexts that make battery icon Usable = =' And... System freeze ; It can boot to the desktop screen, can move the mouse cursor, But can't click or do anything else Everytime I try (I have try all this days -*- Install new Lion) It will freeze when I installed these two kexts together But I want both T______T Please helpp -/\- But It won't freeze when I boot in safe mode > Battery not work too MacOSX Lion Retail Install with Mald0n's Method Acer travelmate4740G : i5 Nehalem 460m 2.53 Ghz GPU: nvidia Geforce GT 330M LAN : Broadcom BCM57780 Wireless : Atheros AR9287 I have uploaded the kexts here BCM77801692IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip BATTERY.LION..zip
  7. Are there special DSDT Mods for Ram such as Ram capacity - 1 GB - 512 MB - 2 GB Or Ram bus speed - 1334 Mhz - 1067 Mhz - 800 Mhz - 400 Mhz Or these all don't require DSDT Mod
  8. when i use sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions It said that can't change the mode for all kext I'm so sad T^T
  9. I just replace IOPCIFamily and IOUSBFamily.kext from windows By forget to thought about it When I try to boot into mac It can Successfully work (I Know Because I can use Power button+Enter to shut down) But the screen doesn't appear (I think Because of It doesn't detect Graphics card because IOPCIFamily.kext was unusable) Help please
  10. Mald0n I can made it now Thank you very much!!! -/\- ><" Whoever have the same problem as me The installation boot until "DSMOS has arrived" and don't go any further First of all you must Partition Your USB Stick as GUID Partition And next step from the guide (Don't Forget to install Extra DP4.pkg and Chameleon) And when you have to Patch the installation to make it able to be installed in MBR Patch another file > "OSinstall" in "Private Framework/..." (Attached file) And when you boot from the USB stick and stuck at PCI configuration begin Don't try to replace "IOPCIFamily.kext" from 10.6.7!!! but boot from USB Stick with Flag : -v npci=0x2000 And you will be able to boot into the installation screen of Lion 10.7 My Spec : Core i5 460m (Nehalem) @2.53GHz GPU : nvidia Geforce GT330M 1 GB Mald0n Thanks again for the wonderful guide and DSDT you made for me earlier -/\- MBR_Patch_10.7.0_11A511.zip
  11. Mald0n When I try to Boot the USB Stick First, I stuck with PCI Configuration Begin.. So I replace IOPCIFamily.kext in the USB Stick And Rapair Permission (chown -R 0:0...) For that kext And I found the second problem T_x" It stuck at "DSMOS has arrived" , Don't go any further, and didn't boot to the installation screen My spec is - Acer travelmate 4740G - ● Mainboard : travelmate 4740G ● CPU : Intel Core i5-460M @2.53Ghz (2 cores, 4 threads) ● Graphics Card : nvidia geforce GT330M ● Soundcard : Realtek ALC 272X ● RAM DDR3 : 2 GB (1334 Mhz) Help me Please -/\-
  12. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    It work Perfectly! Thank you very much -/\-
  13. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    - Acer travelmate 4740G - ● Mainboard : travelmate 4740G ● CPU : Intel Core i5-460M @2.53Ghz (2 cores, 4 threads) ● Graphics Card : nvidia geforce GT330M (10de:0a29) ● HDMI out of GT 330M (10de:000a) >>> (10de:0be2) ● Soundcard : Realtek ALC 272X (10ec:0272) via intel Ibex peak (8086:3b56) ● RAM DDR3 : 2 GB (1067 Mhz) ● Synaptics touchpad ● Acer crystal eye webcam (Suyin Webcam) ● Wifi Atheros AR9287 ● LAN Broadcom BCM57780 ● Bluetooth ● Card reader ● Battery ● DVD Drive Thank you again -/\- send_me.zip