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Guide: ASUS UX32VD Zenbook - Snow Leopard (10.6) MBR SSD

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Small guide to install Snow Leopard on UX32VD-4002P.


=== Preliminary decisions

Choose one destination disk: iSSD (internal SSD) or HDD.

My choice: iSSD, it's faster.


Choose one partition-layout between: GUID or MBR.

My choice: I can only choose MBR cause I had previously deleted my EFI partition (and I don't wanna go the EFI way).

Note: In case your choice is GUID, you need to keep the EFI partition of your UX32VD - if you don't do this, your laptop won't see the bootable disk. Refer to the countless tutorials about EFI/UEFI and GUID.


=== Installation

1) Boot with Nawcom's ModCD

Note: You need Nawcom's ModCD to use the MBR-layout. Other bootloaders (most likely) won't work.


2) Swap disk with the 10.6 retail DVD (or use a previously prepared 10.6 Installation USB key)

Note: you can prepare the USB key with DiskUtility, using the "Restore" feature (Drag DVD on Source -> Drag USB-key on Destination -> Click Restore).


3) Once you're in the installer, partition your iSSD as MBR and proceed as usual.


4) Finished. Enjoy your new hackintosh (better hardware than Macbook Air 13") ;-P


=== Post install

Installed Chameleon-2.1svn-r2012

Updated to Chimera 1.11.1 (which should support IntelHD4000 - even though I read somewhere that IntelHD4000 is supported only from 10.7 and up)

Grabbed some DSDTs and assembled my own

Currently trying the Video card with different setups (device-properties EFI string, GraphicsEnabler = Yes & GraphicsMode 1920x1080x32, IntelHDPlatformID, etc.)


The laptop is *BLAZING* fast. I'll post what works during the next days....if I don't switch to ML.


Anyone who is interested, drop by and say hi ! :-)

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=== What works running SL 10.6 - 64bit kernel out of the box (or so)


Video: the video cards aren't detected properly and without drivers there's no acceleration. However, it runs at 1920x1080 FullHD.

FN-key for video-out switching works (miniVGA works only if you boot with a monitor already attached).

FN-key to turn screen off works.

USB: works (2.0).

Wifi: card seems to be unsupported.

Bluetooth: seems to work

USB Ethernet: not tested

HDMI-out: not tested

Trackpad & Keyboard: work, but i don't use the gestures.

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