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10.7 Lenovo Y560 Help. ATI 5730m.

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It's been a long 8 hours trying to get this working, and I am now confused.

I've installed 10.7.1 on my laptop with a USB and have gotten Bluetooth working out of the box (I can't turn it off), I've gotten sound working using Voodoo HDA, the Keyboard and Trackpad are working (No Multitouch YET), Broadcom Ethernet working flawlessly, and finally my ATI 5730m working with full QE/CI with no additional kexts with the HDMI Port also working.


My problem lies with the Wireless (Intel BGN 1000) and the ATI 5730.


I know the wireless won't work or will only work with unsecured networks. I've tried using IO80211.kext but that didn't work so if anyone can point me in the right direction to even get it semi-working I'll be good.


The problem with the ATI 5730 is that I want to get HDMI audio working and my VGA port working as well as my external monitor is VGA. I realized that you can do this with DSDT but I am clueless and have no experience with that, so I will need a little help.


So, if anyone wants to help out please do and hopefully I can create a guide for this laptop as the few other guides that are present are severely outdated.



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Do you have any problem when the monitor goes to sleep and then back on ? I have Y560 the one with i5 430M and switchable graphics and everytime monitor goes to sleep and then back on, the video crashes and the colors are all messed up!


The sleep semi-works (i can get it to sleep but never wakes up, i think i have a KP from video card but i don't know where to look for it)


Also, although in system report i get "Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)" i have problems with shadows and gradients, they don't display well... like they are in 16-Bit color mode.

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