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The apple site states an iphone 4s available for 99$ in US....

Can i get it for just 99$ with contract ?

i know everything about unlocking it jut wanna know that is there any loop hole or what?

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You can get it for that $99 price yes but keep in mind that you will be bonded into a contract with which every carrier you choose even if you do unlock you'll have the carrier's bill to pay for or break depending on which route you choose to go down.

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    • By Punkdat
      I’m starting a designing course and I’ve been told a Macbook is the best option to handle specific softwares like adobe Photoshop perfectly.
      Right now, i’m studying in Lisbon, Portugal. So, I would need to buy it from some Portuguese store, in case I need to claim warranty.
      Anyway, I started my search and found som results, fort some Portuguese stores , i’ll leave a link below.
      I'm aware that a desktops like a Mac Pro would be a much suitable solution, but I need a laptop to take to classes.
      I think a 13” Model is enough since the retina screen helps me see details better, but I don’t understand the software requirements for each type of software.
      What do you guys think I sould buy?
      Feel free to make any question or suggestion!
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    • By srmusico
      Hello guys.
      This is not my first hackintosh, but this will be the first time to create a hackintosh with thunderbolt.
      First of all, i have read some info about MoBos with Thunderbolt, but im a bit confused.
      I need to create a working hackintosh with Thunderbolt 2/3 .
      At this moment i know that we got 2 options (Correct me if im wrong),
      -we can get one MoBo and ad a Pcie Card with thunderbolt (only if the chipset is compatible)
      -we can get one MoBo with thunderbolt integrated via USB-C connectors (like the new Macbook Pro)
      What are the possible MoBos that have integrated Thunderbolt vía USB (or directly thundelbolt ports)?
      I have read a lot of buyers guides from some webs , but a lot of that MoBos with thunderbolt enabled, are "discontinued" or without stock
      Should we only choose Gigabyte MoBos? 
      I Have been too looking at Gigabyte website, and seems that the Chipset Z170 its the only one with Thunderbolt (vía USB-C)
      Could you help me with these please?
      Thanks You So Much!
    • By srmusico
      Hello, im looking for a graphic card for my build.
      I have been using integrated graphics (Intel HD 4600) of my Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H
      in my Mavericks.
      Now I have Sierra installed and I need a better graphics.
      I use my hackintosh for music production (Logic Pro X and Pro tools)
      also for video edition with Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop.
      I don't need a really hi-end graphic card, because I don't play games.
      I want a good performance working with this programs.
      Of course with a 100% compatibility with Sierra jajaja 

      I have seen a lot of graphics cards, but I don't really know what kind of graphic card I need.
      Im not new hackintoshing, but yes with graphics cards jaja.

      thanks you so much for your help!
    • By imacosiris
      Hi guys
      At this moment i'm doing a rollback on my hackintosh from El Capitan to OS X 10.10.5
      I found problems with network transfers and today  with HDD transfers
      I use this hackintosh as Media Server with Plex (plex.tv, great app and free) i have a lot of media about 20 TB year 20TB, my current config
      Mother: GIGABYTE GA-EP43T-UD3L rev 1.01 last BIOS
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 Ghz
      RAM: 16 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3
      Video ASUS AMD RADEON HD 6570 1GB
      I also have a PCI-e SATA card to connect 2 additional HDD
      In total i have 8 HDD on this computer (all internal)
      AS i say this mac is for media server and torrent download
      With the problems that i have i was thinking on 2 things
      Buy a new motherboard a processor (and use the current ram)
      Buy a 4TB HDD to "compress" and use less HDD
      Most of the Gigabyte Motherboards that i see have 6 SATA ports, but the question is which to buy 
      I from Argentina and here the importation is like in Cuba today almost impossible so i'm limited to the motherboards in the market
      i have this options
      I know is in spanish and the price is not in U$S,  i put this info for the motherboard specification
      I wonder if the Gigabyte Ga-h97m Gaming series is a good choice
      I don't care in play games or power saving options
      i need storage
      May be i need to wait a bit more to buy (when apple release a SP for El Capitan ), muy budget is limited i can't afford to make a bad choice and spend money in a mother than doesn't work.
      I don't like to use win or linux
      I really like your opinion guys, i'm pay right now a lot of money for a new house, so i can't spend a lot of money just for see.
      Well thanks a lot for your input and help
      Best regards !!
    • By imacosiris
      Hi guys
      I need to buy a new mother, my current hackintosh have a lot of problems plus is and old core 2 duo processor.
      I only need a motherboard that have at least 6 data ports because i have 8 HDD on an NZXT case (2 drives with a PCI-e SATA card)
      I found this motherboard
      I live in argentina, my options to get a good motherboard are limited by the market and importation rules.
      IS a good motherboard to use with "El Capitan" ?
      Any experience ?
      I will buy this mother with an i5 processor 
      And 16GB of RAM
      Any ideas ? other options ???