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[Possible?] Individual sound output selection OS X Lion

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So I was wondering, I got my sound fully working ( ALC889a ). with 5.1 setup, and I want to know if it's possible to setup things the way I want?


In windows, I could select like, 4 front speakers, a center and a sub ( Cause I don't use 5.1 anymore )

Can't seem to find this option in OSX ( if there is any? )


Does anybody know if it's possible? Even by third party I don't care as long as it's possible(:



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Try setting it up with Audio-Midi-Setup, you will find it in Applications > Utilities > ...


if this doesnt work out for you, you could give Soundflower a try.


Good Luck :)



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Thanks for your reply, but it's not really what I mean.

The point is, Audi-midi setup works, but I can't 'tell' that setup to use 4 speakers as front audio, with center and sub.


Only thing I can configure is either 5.1, or stereo. Stereo would be the thing if it let me enable my center and sub which it doesn't.

And if I try to set the rear speakers to the same channel as front ( 1 and 2 ) and try to apply that it's saying all channels need to be different, and can't use it that way.


EDIT: works now with a Multioutput Device, though he puts all channels in 'Stereo' it works.

The perfectionist I am is still wondering if it's possible to really set it to sub/center/front. instead of 6 channels stereo.

But i'm happy it works this way ;)

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