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D620 10.5.2 Kalyway DVD won't play

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I recently got 10.5.2 running on a Dell D620 with the Intel 945 graphics chipset. After fiddling with some kexts, I found ones that gave me a nice clean display. I can play video on some websites, but I can't play a DVD in either DVDplayer or VLC 2.0. DVDPlayer gives a "video output device not found" message right when you launch it, and VLC will recognize the disc in the drive, but if you try to play, you get a a window with a black screen for a couple of seconds, then the window closes (leaving the VLC main window open) and no error messages.

The only thing I was able to find online so far is something about "rpc2" drives not compatible with VLC, but I don't know how to check for that (looking up my drive model online did not list that anywhere). The drive works just fine in XP, and in OSX it reads data no problem.

Any suggestions?

Also - will Firefox for OSX run Flash? I get some websites that display the "plug-in needed to display content" but when I click to install, I'm told that there are no plugins available.

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