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Help with ipod touch 2g

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well, long story short, got the ipod 2g from a friend who said he went to use it one day and gave the connect to itunes screen. He connected it to his laptop and itunes gave him error 9 restoring. he said he tried on 4 different pc's and a mac, and 3 different cables but it still gave error 9.


Once i received it, i tried the same on 6 different windows pc's and 4 different macs with 5 different ipod cords, and still get error 9. from what i see, itunes prepares the ipod for restore, the ipod reboots from dfu mode, shows the apple icon with the spinner underneath it, then shows the loading bar. at this point itunes says "waiting for ipod". Looking back at the ipod, it sits on the loading bar for a few seconds and reboots itself. then itunes gives me error 9.


I've tried itunes, redsn0w, greenp0ison, irecovery and blackra1n to restore this thing, but every time i try to restore with a jailbreak tool, it ends in a kernel panic. its been driving me insane for the past 2 months and tbh im about to throw it out the window and hope it gets crushed by a friggin truck.


any help is appreciated.



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