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What's your favorite software?

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Well, I finally got Mac OS X running on my laptop, it has a few a few glitches and all, but I'm happy! The only problem is, that being with my laptops very bad incompatibility (Yeah, I got the worse one sadly... I wish I would have known this when I got it... my dad wouldn't let me get the Acer because this one had more hdd space), I can't really upgrade to a better version of OS X. Right now I'm running OS X 10.5.5 (But I changed SystemVersion.plist to make it seem like 10.5.8), the software available is becoming smaller and smaller with Lion coming out. (Unless there is a way to get App Store on Leopard and I haven't found it...).


My question is to you guys, what's your favorite software that you guys run that is compatible with 10.5.5 (Actually, most software with 10.5.8 works too). I already have:

-Firefox 5



-Illumination Software Creator


-iTunes 10.5 (For iOS 5, sadly, Wireless syncing requires 10.6.8)

-PwnageTool (Jailbreak)



I would like to be able to add to my list ;)

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