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Boot Camp icon missing from Startup Disk Pane

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Finally I installed Boot Camp for the first Time.


After some point I formatted partition with VMware because my windows install disk didn't show the format option, the Icon appeared in the Startup Disk Pane, but after installing drivers and back to Mac OS the icon in that pane disappeared.


Booting back to windows is easy with keyboard or by a comand line in Terminal, but does anyone has a trick to make the Boot Camp Icon appear in the Startup Disk again?




Never mind, I read that some users that use mac fuse suffer from this issue too.


I installed Paragon's NTFS for Mac, but turning it off resolves the issue :)

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i did lots of looking and found lots of discussions with no solutions. i had a problem with the bootcamp (and macos) not showing up in the startup disk control panel and bootcamp setup assistant yelling at me. sure, i could hold down the option key at startup and choose mac or windows, or use BootChamp (http://kainjow.com/) to boot into windows. the problem was with the Partition Map Scheme for the entire disk. it needs to be "GUID Partition Table" rather than MBR (or Apple). i didnt want to reformat the entire drive to fix the problem and then restore the mac and windows data, so i used iPartition (http://www.coriolis-systems.com/iPartition.php). it converted the partition scheme and everything now works as it should.

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