12 Best iPhone Cleaner Apps

Since iOS devices come with limited storage, you can use an iPhone cleaner to ensure unnecessary files are removed from your device. However, there are numerous cleaning apps on the internet, and choosing the right one for yourself can get overwhelming. To solve your problems, we have compiled a guide on the best iPhone cleaner apps.

How to Choose the Best Cleaner for iPhone

Before you select an app, learning about the fundamental features of an iPhone cleaner helps you narrow down your options. This will also help you pick an app that best fits your usage. Therefore, here are some key metrics you should keep in mind while deciding to commit to an iPhone cleaner app:

  • 📲 Select an app that has a considerable amount of downloads on the App Store and has been developed by a reliable team. You can check this by looking up the developer’s name on Google.
  • ⭐👥 Check the ratings and user reviews of that app. People who have used the app before will be able to point out the noticeable and minor issues you might face with that app.
  • ⏱️ Check the clean-up time of the app. If the app clears up space quickly and efficiently, then it will perform consistently.

If you have any personal requirements, open the app features section to check if that particular app contains what you need.

Top 12 Cleaner Apps for Your iPhone

Now that you know the fundamentals of a cleaner app and how to choose them, let’s dive into the top 12 best iPhone cleaner apps.

1. Easy Cleaner

💡System requirements: iOS 12.0 or later | Size: 70 MB | Free

Easy Cleaner


If there are multiple duplicate contacts and a messy address book on your iPhone, you can use Easy Cleaner to clean all of that effortlessly. This app scans and filters out duplicate contacts in your device that are using up storage space. Moreover, it allows you to organize your contacts by categorizing them with labels making the contacts list easier to look up.

Key Features:

  • Merge Duplicate Contacts. Easy Cleaner will scan and merge contacts with similar names, phone numbers, and emails into one. Consequently, this opens a lot of storage space the duplicates were using up.
  • Contacts Cleanup. You might have multiple contacts with missing data. Looking through your contacts list and manually deleting them can be a hassle. Here, the contacts cleanup feature locates and deletes bad or empty contacts for you in a few seconds.
  • Create Restore Points. This feature acts as a safety mechanism in case you accidentally delete any important data. You can create restore points before making changes to each address book.
  • Smart Filters. This allows you to set filters to contacts in the address book to make them easier to look up.
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans duplicate contacts efficiently
  • Makes it easy to navigate through your contacts
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Offers 15 languages
  • The contact suggestions are not always helpful
Pricing plans:
  • Free
Free Download

User Review Summary: User reviews of the Easy Cleaner app on the App Store are predominantly positive, highlighting its simplicity, effectiveness, and value. Many users appreciate the app’s ability to quickly identify and merge duplicate contacts, clean up unnecessary data, and its user-friendly interface, all without the need for payment. Some users have noted issues such as the deletion of important information in the notes section of contacts during merges, and occasional challenges with the app’s duplicate detection logic. Despite these concerns, the overall sentiment is that Easy Cleaner provides a highly useful tool for managing contacts on the iPhone, with many users recommending it for its efficiency and the convenience it brings to organizing contacts.

2. Gemini Photos

💡System requirements: iOS 13.0 or later | Size: 130.5 MB | 3-day free trial

Gemini Photos: Duplicate Photo Cleaner


Another thing that uses up a lot of storage space is duplicate photos. After every photo session, there are tons of photos that look the same, stay on your phone, and end up eating your storage space. This is where Gemini Photos comes in. It enables you to select and delete similar-looking photos from an album and helps you remove blurry photos instantly.

Key Features:

  • Suggests good photos. The app takes into account the content of a picture with good focus and any edits made before suggesting you keep them.
  • Filters out the not-so-good pictures. The app suggests you delete pictures that do not have the best quality, photos of texts, and duplicate screenshots. Doing so will open up more storage space.
  • Sort library. A function to help organize your albums.
  • Photo Radar. Displays the full storage pop-up and constantly checks new pictures and videos that are using up storage.
  • Ultra fast scans
  • Good picture suggestions
  • Swipe mechanism to delta and keep pictures
  • It makes large photo libraries more manageable
  • No one-time payment available for a permanent package
Pricing plans:
  • 3-day free trial available
  • Monthly Subscription – $4.99 per month
  • Annual Subscription – $19.99 per year
  • One-time Purchase – $34.99
Free Download

User Review Summary: The Gemini Photos app receives high praise for its efficiency in decluttering photo libraries, with features like identifying duplicates and similar photos being particularly appreciated. Users enjoy the intuitive interface and the time-saving aspect of the app, though some express dissatisfaction with the subscription model, preferring a one-time purchase option. Criticisms include the app’s monetization policy and customer support issues. Despite these concerns, many users recommend Gemini Photos for its effectiveness in managing and reducing photo clutter on their devices.

3. Boost Cleaner

💡System requirements: iOS 12.0 or later | Size: 176.5 MB | 3-day free trial

Boost Cleaner


Looking for something quick and easy to use? Then Boost Cleaner is the best iPhone cleaner app for you. This app uses an efficient algorithm to detect and filter unnecessary media. From duplicate images to unwanted selfies, Boost cleaner analyzes them all and suggests which ones to remove. Moreover, it allows you to filter images by date and location to make them more manageable.

Key Features:

  • Duplicate Photo Cleaner. Analyze and delete duplicate pictures, live photos, and GIFs. In addition, delete pictures of a specific filter, like date and location.
  • Contact Cleaner and Organizer. Helps merge contacts with a similar name, number, and email. Plus, it removes contact with no information and helps back up contact data, and restores contacts effortlessly.
  • Free Storage Cleaner. Helps clear up space with features such as a quick storage boost. It also removes large files quickly and saves space when you perform a storage cleanup.
  • Can delete multiple contacts at once
  • Easy to track the payment process
  • Helps sort data efficiently
  • Sometimes limits the amount you can delete
Pricing plans:
  • 3-day free trial;
  • $12.99 per month;
  • $39.99 per year.
Free Download

User Review Summary: Boost Cleaner app enjoys a favorable rating on the AppStore, with many users praising its effective cleaning capabilities and user-friendly interface. Positive reviews highlight the app’s ability to efficiently manage and free device storage. Some users express concerns over ads and subscription costs, but overall, the app is well-regarded for its performance.

4. Cleanup: Phone Storage Cleaner

💡System requirements: iOS 12.0 or later | Size: 229.3 MB | Free with in-app purchases

Cleanup: Phone Storage Cleaner


Manually cleaning your iPhone’s internal storage is a tedious task. Not only does it take a lot of time, but it also requires a lot of effort to check all the unimportant files. This is where Cleanup: Phone Storage Cleaner makes your life easier. This app thoroughly checks your device for duplicate images and lets you remove them in a swipe. Moreover, it lets you sort videos based on size and helps remove old ones that are eating up a lot of storage space.

Key Features:

Add Widgets. This lets you add widgets to your home screen that helps you track your storage.
Organize your Library. Maintains separate folders for duplicate and similar images. Moreover, it has a separate folder for screenshots. As a result, bulk deleting becomes easier.
Charging Animations. Set unique animations which activate while your iPhone is charging.
Secret Photo Vault. Store all your personal images in a privacy-protected folder within the app.

  • Suggests which photos to keep
  • It does not require an internet connection
  • Easy to track remaining storage space
  • App setup takes too long
Pricing plans:
  • Free version available. Offers in-app purchases.
Free Download

User Review Summary: The Cleanup: Phone Storage Cleaner app holds almost perfect 5/5 rating, with users commending its effectiveness in organizing and deleting duplicate or similar photos and videos. While some users highlight its ease of use and the option to watch ads instead of subscribing, others express frustration with the app’s deletion limits and subscription model. The overall sentiment is positive, with users finding the app helpful for managing phone storage, despite some reservations about its cost and functionality.

5. Cleaner – Free Up Storage

💡System requirements: iOS 13.0 or later | Size: 74.8 MB | 3-day free trial

Cleaner - Free Up Storage


Cleaner – Free Up Storage is an app that makes tracking your storage space feel effortless. It keeps a record of all the data on your iPhone and scans for any unneeded files. Cleaner – Free Up Storage is an expert at locating similar photos, merging duplicate contacts, and finding large video files. You can consider it to be the one-stop solution for your low storage issues on your iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Fast Clean and Storage Status. The Fast Clean feature declutters your storage by quickly removing identical files. This comes in handy when you receive the “storage full” alert.
  • Manage Contacts. Helps detect and delete invalid contacts. It also helps remove contacts in bulk. Additionally, you can merge identical contacts using this app.
  • Photos and large video files remover: Scans your library for burst photos and blurry images. In addition, it looks for large duplicate video files and videos with poor quality.
  • It contains instructions on how to use the app
  • Syncs with your iPhone library
  • Super fast storage cleanup
  • Sometimes scans unrelated photos as duplicates
Pricing plans:
  • Free version available. Contains in-app purchases;
  • $2.99 per month (auto-renewable);
  • $9.99 one time payment.
Free Download

User Review Summary: Cleaner – Free Up Storage app garners a 4.4-star rating, with users appreciating its straightforward usability for freeing up storage by managing photos and contacts. While the app receives commendations for its functionality and efficiency, some users have reported issues with unintended deletions and app performance, highlighting a need for cautious use. Despite these concerns, the positive feedback suggests a generally satisfactory user experience.

6. Cleaner Kit – Clean Up Storage

💡System requirements: iOS 13.0 or later | Size: 133.2 MB | Free, with buyable extras

Cleaner Kit - Clean Up Storage


Looking for an all-in-one iPhone cleaner? Cleaner Kit – Clean Up Storage is the best option for you. This versatile app is packed with fantastic features that make managing your iPhone’s storage space simpler. Starting from deleting identical photos to helping you save your battery to providing an extra layer of protection with its security features, this app does it all. Moreover, it helps declutter your calendar as well.

Key Features:

  • Organize contacts. Categorizing contacts makes it easier to filter out duplicate contacts and contacts with no information.
  • Battery Saver. This provides tips on how to maximize the battery life of your iPhone. Moreover, you can add a widget to your home screen that lets you check the charging status and battery level at a glance.
  • Privacy Protection. It contains a secured folder to store private contacts, images, and videos.
  • Duplicate photo remover. Scans and suggests identical photos for you to remove. It also suggests the best picture that you should keep from a group of duplicate images.
  • Helps get rid of old calendar events
  • Smart cleaning feature helps clean up your device in a few taps
  • Remove all photos that were taken in the same location
  • Allows you to add storage, battery, and contact widgets to your home screen
  • Gets confused between combined contacts and merges them
Pricing plans:
  • Free trial;
  • $5.99 per week;
  • $22.99 per year.
Free Download

User Review Summary: The Cleaner Kit – Clean Up Storage app also holds a 4.4-star rating, with users praising its utility for organizing and cleaning up storage, especially by managing contacts and photos. Some users have experienced challenges with unintended deletions and app stability, prompting caution during use. The overall sentiment leans positive, acknowledging the app’s helpful features despite some reported issues.

7. Slidebox

💡System requirements: iOS 10.0 or later | Size: 48.3 MB | Free with in-app purchases

Slidebox - Photo Manager


When it comes to managing photos and saving storage, Slidebox is the best iPhone cleaner app. This lightweight app is packed with features and is easy to navigate. You can seamlessly clean up your camera roll by swiping up trash photos. Besides that, this app enables you to sort all your images in one click. It also offers features to customize albums and folders to make them more manageable.

Key Features:

  • Synced with iPhone and iCloud. Automatically syncs and updates pictures based on your iCloud storage.
  • Compare photos. This allows you to compare similar photos before deleting
  • Mark favorites. You can mark images as your favorites so that the app does not identify them as duplicates.
  • GIF support. Scans and registers GIFs as well, allowing you to remove old ones.
  • Regularly gives storage status updates
  • Automatically makes relevant albums for similar images
  • Super fast clean-up speed
  • The app continues where you left off
  • It supports selecting multiple pictures by dragging
  • Sometimes compares duplicate photos instead of similar ones
Pricing plans:
  • Free version available
  • $9.99 for the premium upgrade
  • $4.99 per month for Slidebox
  • $9.99 for the yearly Slidebox membership
  • $49.99 one-time payment for a permanent Slidebox license
Free Download

User Review Summary: The Slidebox app is highly rated, with users appreciating its straightforward approach to photo organization. The app is praised for its simplicity, allowing easy sorting of photos into albums with intuitive swipe gestures. Users find it a valuable tool for decluttering their photo libraries, though some mention a desire for additional features like video organization and more efficient deletion options. Overall, the positive feedback highlights the app’s effectiveness in improving photo management on iPhones.

8. Clean Master – Super Cleaner

💡System requirements: iOS 10.0 or later | Size: 59.1 MB | Free with in-app purchases

Clean Master - Super Cleaner


Clean Master – Super Cleaner is an iPhone cleaner and photo gallery organizer. This two-in-one app uses smart scanning technology to clean your iPhone storage. It helps you organize screenshots, continuous photos, and photos taken at the same time. Moreover, it allows you to clean up videos by the rule ordering more convenient management and lets you quickly delete large-capacity videos.

Key Features:

  • One-click trigger smart cleaning. One-click to delete all unwanted media.
  • Messy album cleanup. Sorts all your photos and videos into specific folders.
  • Remove large files. Identifies large, unnecessary, and duplicate media in your gallery and helps remove them.
  • Easy to use
  • Deletes duplicate photos from the same space
  • Lightweight
  • Your iPhone takes time to register the deletion
Pricing plans:
  • Free
Free Download

User Review Summary: The Clean Master – Super Cleaner app has received generally favorable reviews on the App Store, with users appreciating its effectiveness, ease of use, and ad handling. While some users express satisfaction with the app’s ability to free up storage space and its non-intrusive ads, others point out limitations, such as issues with recognizing similar photos and occasional functionality concerns. Overall, the app is well-regarded for its utility in cleaning and organizing storage on iOS devices.

9. Photo Cleaner – Album Organizer

💡System requirements: iOS 11.0 or later | Size: 221.9 MB | 3-day free trial

Photo Cleaner - Album Organizer


Photo Cleaner – Album Organizer is one of the most reliable iPhone cleaning apps on this list. This app is a one-stop solution for all your album management requirements. It consists of tools that help you filter duplicate photos and large files. In addition, you can save videos directly from iCloud using the built-in iCloud downloader on the app. Moreover, in case you are running low on storage, you can compress pictures to reduce their size, so you do not have to delete them.

Key Features:

  • Check album storage. Constantly monitor the space each album is using
  • Filter. Search for pictures and videos using filters such as date and place
  • Widgets. Monitor album storage using widgets
  • Safety album. Store important documents in a privacy-protected album
  • Active customer support
  • Uploads updates to fix bugs
  • Removes duplicate images consistently
  • Compresses files while maintaining satisfactory picture quality
  • Does not compress videos
Pricing plans:
  • 3-day free trial available
  • Multiple packages are available for the premium subscription
Free Download

User Review Summary: Photo Cleaner – Album Organizer app has a high rating on the App Store, with users praising its simplicity and effectiveness in managing and cleaning photo albums. The app is noted for its ability to sort and filter photos, find duplicates, and compress files to save space. Some users, however, express frustration with certain features being behind a paywall and have encountered issues with video compression. Despite these concerns, many find the app valuable for organizing their photo collections.

10. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

💡System requirements: iOS 9.0 or later | Size: 8.2 MB | Free

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover


The last software on this list of iPhone cleaner apps is Remo Duplicate Photos Remover. If you do not want an iPhone cleaner app to use up too much storage space, this app is perfect for you. Although it’s a lightweight app, it does the job of removing duplicate photos efficiently.

The process is quite simple. Firstly, scan your iPhone to find duplicates. After that, the app creates separate folders for similar-looking pictures and exact duplicates. Preview the exact and similar pictures in the folders and unmark any images you do not want to delete. Lastly, delete the marked images in one tap.

Key Features:

  • Mark images. Mark your favorite images that you want to save.
  • Saves the best copy. The app automatically scans and saves the best copy among a set of duplicates.
  • Image details. It provides details about the image, like the date, size, resolution, and more.
  • Drag option. Drag albums into the app to start scanning.
  • Quick scans
  • Accurate image detection
  • It frees up a considerable amount of space
  • Takes a long pause before finishing the scan
Pricing plans:
  • Free
Free Download

User Review Summary: Remo Duplicate Photos Remover app receives positive feedback on the App Store, with users appreciating its accuracy and usefulness in identifying and removing duplicate photos. The app is praised for its ability to handle large photo libraries efficiently, though some users note a pause during scanning on larger collections. The app’s performance in finding duplicates and similar photos has helped users significantly reduce clutter. However, some users encountered limitations in its ability to detect all duplicates or similars, and there are suggestions for improvements in functionality and user interface.

11. CleanerX – AI Clean up storage

💡System requirements: iOS 11.0 or later | Size: 33.4 MB | Free with in-app purchases

CleanerX - AI Clean up storage


If you are looking for an app that consistently cleans all the junk in your iPhone, then CleanerX – AI Clean up storage is a great choice. This app offers a variety of options and tools to ensure your iPhone’s internal storage has no unnecessary files. The cleaner utilizes AI technology to automatically scan and remove similar or duplicate files. This includes cleaning screenshots, live photos, expired calendar events, and expired reminders on your iPhone.

Key Features:

  • Smart Cleaner. Allows you to remove duplicate images in one click. It uses AI to filter out the photos.
  • All-in-one depth photo and video cleaner. Scans all edited and non-edited pictures to locate duplicates. Afterward, it enables you to browse through all the filtered results before removing them.
  • Clipboard cleaner. This helps you remove the pile of texts and images in your clipboard.
  • Private vault. It has a secured private vault where you can store your personal and important images and videos.
  • Camouflage photos. Disguises selected photos under other landscapes so that they are not visible to others.
  • Offers custom photo widgets
  • It consists of a tone generator
  • Offers dark mode
  • Provides battery saving tips
  • It contains a disk storage monitor
  • Provides cleanup web browser cache tutorial
  • Functions slowly when selecting multiple files at once
Pricing plans:
  • Free version available
  • $4.28 per week for Pro version
  • $8.81 per month for Pro version
  • $27.55 for a yearly subscription of Pro version
Free Download

User Review Summary: The CleanerX – AI Clean up storage app comes as a mixed bag. Some users praise the app for its usefulness and excellent results, appreciating its ease of use and effectiveness. However, other users report issues such as the app crashing, not functioning properly, or failing to load photos. There are also complaints about the app’s inability to effectively identify and remove duplicate files, and some users label it as ineffective or even a fake app.

12. MobiKin Cleaner for iOS

💡System requirements: macOS X 10.7 or later | Size: 1GB or more

MobiKin Cleaner for iOS


Is your iPhone getting slow? A big reason behind this is the buildup of excessive junk and temp files. Manually looking up all these files and deleting them is a hassle. This is why you should get MobiKin Cleaner for iOS.

This app is a powerful iPhone cleaner that quickly removes unwanted data and speeds up your iPhone. To use this software, you have to install it on your computer and then connect your iOS device to it. Afterward, the app will scan all the data on your device and compile all the junk files.

Note that the ability of the apps running outside of your iPhone to deep clean the iOS might be limited compared to apps that run on the device and are designed specifically for iOS.

Key Features:

  • Removes cache. Efficiently clears all hidden cache files from your iPhone.
  • Toolbox. It contains a set of tools you can use to analyze the storage space of your device.
  • Quick clean. Runs a quick scan to compile all the junk files and cleans them instantly.
  • Highly compatible with all iOS devices
  • Removes app crash logs
  • Removes photo cache
  • Removes corrupt files due to interrupted downloads but remains in the temp file folder
  • No iOS app available
Pricing plans:
  • Free trial available
Free Download

User Review Summary: MobiKin Cleaner for iOS is generally appreciated by users for its streamlined interface and simplicity in cleaning up iPhones and iPads. It’s highlighted for its ability to clear out redundant files, manage app data, and securely erase private information. However, some users have noted limitations in the trial version’s capabilities and potential compatibility issues with newer iOS devices.


Nowadays, iPhones come with limited storage, and with the powerful cameras taking high-resolution pictures and videos, that storage space runs out pretty quickly. Besides media, other junk and temporary files also use up a lot of storage which results in the iPhone becoming extremely slow. This is why you should use an iPhone cleaner to remove unnecessary junk and duplicate files. We hope our guide on the best iPhone cleaner app helped you pick the one that’s best suited to your requirements.


Yes, iPhone has cleaner apps. These apps scan the data stored in an iPhone and filter out all the unimportant, duplicate, and junk files. Afterward, you can download those files to free up more storage space.
There are numerous iPhone cleaning apps on the internet, and not all of them are safe. For instance, downloading unreliable apps can install malware on your iPhone and corrupt your data, or worse, brick your iPhone. Hence, it’s essential to check if the app has been built by a reliable developing team. You can also check the user reviews on Appstore before committing to an iPhone cleaning app.
The best free iPhone cleaner app is Remo Duplicate Photos Remover. This app is only 8.2MB in size but performs consistently. It scans and locates all the duplicate and similar images on your device. Afterward, you can unmark the pictures you want to keep and delete the rest. This cleans up a lot of storage space on your iPhone.
Instead of a third-party cleaner app, you can free up space on your iPhone by taking control! Check your storage breakdown in Settings and target bulky categories like photos and videos. Utilize iCloud Photos for optimized storage. Offload unused apps to keep data but free up space, reinstalling when needed. Clear temporary app data by managing app storage settings. Delete finished downloads and adjust offline settings for streaming services. Finally, clean up messages and attachments.
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