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Mac for all dv1000 users guide

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Hello all hp dv1000 laptop users. These past two weeks I have been diligently researching and have come to a resolution for installing osx86 onto the dv1000 laptops. After many trials and errors I realized that leopard 10.5.1 and above does not work on these laptops. You would be able to install them onto the hard drive but will not be able to run them probably because of the cpu’s capabilities. I recommend dv1000 users to use tiger instead because they are the most stable and easy to use.

The version I used to get my laptop to run at it’s best is the XxX 10.4.11 rev2 disc. The iso includes many drivers that are compatible with the dv1000 and plus many updates for example itunes, security, airport extreme and many more.

Assume you have the rev2 disc and already burned it onto a disc. Insert it into your dvd drive and patiently wait until the welcome screen pops up, then press the next arrow. Next you
1. Go to the top of the screen and press the utilities tab and go down to disc utility.
2. Click on your hard drive and go to partition tab.
3. Click options and selected Master Boot Record, then type in a name and click partition button.
4. After it’s done exit disc utility and wait till the screen pops up and press continue
5. Click on your hard drive and press continue.
6. Now you must choose your options
I recommend this setup:
1. EssentialSystemSoftware
2. Apple Software Updates (all of it)
3. Base Install Combos
a. SSE2
4. Go down the the Audio section
a. Generic AC97 Audio
5. Network Drivers
a. RTL8139
b. 10.4.5 IO80211Family.kext
c. Broadcom Wifi ID Plist
6. Miscellaneous
a. PowerManagement.bundle
b. Insomnia.kext
c. CharacterPalette.component
7. System Add-ons (optional)
a. Front Row
b. QuickTime.Codecs
c. Perian 1.1
d. QuartzSimple
e. Soundflower
f. HimmelBar
g. LittleSnitch.1.2.4
h. KextHelper.app
i. SlimBatteryMonitor.app

Installation will probably take up to half an hour depends on your rams. It took me 20 minutes since I upgraded my rams from 512 to 1gig.

After installation, setup your osx86 and insert info until you get to the desktop. Everything will be working except for the wireless. So I recommend you guys to go to this site (http://forum.insanel...showtopic=51725)and download mcsmart’s Broadcom 43xx wireless driver script. Installing this script is very simple thanks to mcsmart.
1. Go to Go tab on the top of the screen and click on utilities
2. Scroll down until you find terminal
3. Type in “sudo” then spacebar and drag the bcm43xx_enabler.sh file onto the terminal screen and press enter and insert your password.
4. Press enter again
5. Copy and paste this into the next section “/System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext/” and press enter.
6. Then follow the next part and you should be done.

After that, restart and there should be a diamond shape baseball field on top left of your screen. You should have everything working. Have Fun everyone.

Thank you to those who provided the XxX 10.4.11 install disc and thank you to mcsmart’s script.



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I have a HP Pavilion dv1000 and I followed this guide and can confirm that this guide works. Just remember to select the right video card driver because that was left out of the guide.

Also my HP has the 3945abg wireless card and currently it does not have a working driver so :-/



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i have a dv1010us with a celeron M processor, 855 intel chipset, broadcom 4306 wireless. intel video

I also used these options minus the video driver snailmonkey recommended (whoops)

Ive been running it for a couple of days and only have two problems so far.

1st - wireless didnt work, had to do airport updates to install airport then use mcsmart's script to add the id to the plist. but after that it worked (im surfing right now)

2nd - the battery indicator doesnt update if the laptop is unplugged and the battery % is inaccurate, not sure if its from the slimbatterymonitor update i did

if anyone got the battery monitor working please post

EDIT :The battery monitor works, it just takes 20 seconds for it to update whether i have the computer plugged in or not......should it take this long to update?



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i have a dv1010us with a celeron M processor, 855.....

--> EDIT: It worked!!! Thanks so much, the guide was very, very helpful!! =) I followed every step. I also forgot to select a video card driver, I think.

Right now, I'm trying to get wireless working. Overall, very pleased. =)

How did you guys get it to work? I have the exact same model- HP Pavilion dv 1000 and when I tried loading the XxX 10.4.11 rev2 DVD (found online) and it just says

"system config file '/com.apple.boot.plist not found"

I read it's because it's a non SATA DVD Drive problem...Please help!



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1st - wireless didnt work, had to do airport updates to install airport then use mcsmart's script to add the id to the plist. but after that it worked (im surfing right now)

I cannot get the wireless to work at all. How did you get it to work?

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