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OSX86 installation Successful anytime?


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I have been craving to install OSX86 in my system. I did a lots of googling but still couldn't install OSX86 in my system. I have


Intel DG965RY

Intel Core2Duo e4320

1GB Transcend 667 MHZ ram

Lite-on 20x IDE DVD writer

200GB Seagate SATA and 80 GB IDE


When ever i try to Boot from the DVD it gets struck... i have tried KALYWAY, iATKOS, n many releases... still not working.


My Question is, is there anybody else got OSX86 working on Intel 965RY mobo?? If yes were u able to install it properly without ny hickups???


Thank you...

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No it won't!

It is not really the DVD IDE but its IDE controller! It's just the way it is said if you get a SATA DVD it will run of a SATA controller. Bottom line you either need to get another DVD or see if you can borrow a USB DVD if your machine supports booting from USB!






Alright.. will converting my IDE DVD writer to SATA using adapter help? or should i buy a native SATA DVD writer?
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Thanks for the prompt response.. well,, i will buy a new SATA DVD writer then... and so Kalyway 10.5.1 should do good right... becos as of now it gets struck saying

"BSM auditing present"


I just hate this board (965RY) because i cant even get the CDROM working in DOS mode when i boot from a bootable disks...i heard there is no support.... damn!!...


Alright... i will buy a new SATA DVD writer today and try it right away!! :-)


Thank you once again....



Oops forgot to ask about something... I only use Onboard graphics(GMA3000). Is this supported or should i buy something else for this one as well??

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