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If you had $1600 - HackBook Pro or MacBook

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I've been really looking into making the switch to a Mac based laptop - with a cap of $1600.

I've just been trying to justify if its better to buy a macbook and live with the lower specs over easily getting a 8600 at that price range - but in a x86 based laptop.


The laptop also needs to be portable as used mainly for uni - so 15" is the biggest i think.

Is there currently a recent laptop which we know works 100% under OSX86 with a 8600 for that price range?.


So the question is:

If you had this money - which is the best laptop which you can pretty much buy now for a max of $1600 (15" or smaller screen preferred) which is going to deliver the best experiance/performance with running OSX86 and Vista/Ubuntu?

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