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TV-Out on 8800GT possible?


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Dont beat me cause i ask tihs question, the search function is unusable at the moment, also a search over google did not gave me good results.


I like to conect my Beamer to my Hackintosh for Video watching with VLC.

I have HDMI in (still in use) and one free YUV Component In


I have a 8800GT with 2 DVI out and a Component out with a PS2 like Adapter (similar to PS2 but other pinout), as i think most 8800GT have, should be Nvidia reference design.


At the moment i have 2 Displays allready conected to my 8800Gt, so the only free port is the component YUV output.


Anyone got this YUV Output working, this would be optimal as i also have a free YUV on the beamer side?


Or is it maybe better (or the only solution) to use DVI to HDMI cable and a HDMI switch, or similar solution?


The best solution will be 2. Geforce Card, maybe cheap 7300 to connect my 2 monitors and the Beamer directly, but this configration only runs in very few cases.

I have 8800GT installed with EFI strings no NVinject, and vanilla 10.5.2 with Graphics update.


What you think i should do? Thanks

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1. I think TV-Out won't work with the Hack-Drivers, Multimonitor support should work however.


2. Having recently tried VGA, YUV and digital (ie DVI or HDMI) output on an HDTV, I can assure that YUV is pretty much the worst solution. The picture is unsharp and color needs correction. Digital output, especially at higher resolution will always provide a perfect picture and 100% accurate colors. So yeah, I'd go for the DVI-HDMI and switch solution.

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thanks, so far i think the DVI/HDMI thing will be the only solution, hmm.


Maybe i try the hard way and buy DVI Y Adaptor like this



then go with a DVI to HDMI cable to another (yes it is hard) HDMI 2 port switch, where i combine the Xbox360 HDMI and Hackintosh HDMI cable to the cable which goes to the beamer.

I think when switch on only the devices i need it may work.

It will be uncomfortable to always switch the resolutions, but maybe sometime in the future a 2. GFX Card will be supported in Hackintosh.


I someone have have further advice, please comment.

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