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(how to) Leo4All kexts onto kalyway 10.5.2?


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Hi guys,


Well, did an exaustive search thru this forum and nothing useful came up. (also, I don't know if the site is slow because of my location (Brazil), but it's really an annoyinly slow search :hysterical: ).


So, I need your wisdom (please!):


I installed sucessfuly the OSx on my PC (specs below) with the leo4allv2 install dvd (only video and lan missing - forcekext and natit later installed and all worked fine).


But this release has its problems, like ical not working, some apps. unnexpectedly shutting down and a random slow system.


So, I tried kalyway 10.5.2 AMD/Intel release, the same one that is working flawlessly on my other computer.


It works and boots up (even video and network out of box! - checking natit and forcekext support on installation), but without sound. So I tried to install the kexts I downloaded from internet (like Azalia, AC97 and some ALC8xx kexts)...NO LUCK :hysterical:


Then I used pacifist, searched down the leo4allv2 installation disk and installed w/ the help of kexthelperb7 all audio related kexts.... ALSO NO LUCK! :(


So, what can I do?


Is it possible to merge the audio support from leo4allv2 on a kalyway installation dvd? Will that help met?


Anyone here with a similar rig with working audio on a kalyway 10.5.2 installation? Procedures please? :hysterical:


Thanks in advance.



My PC Spec


MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum (Realtek AC97 Audio)

AMD Athlon 64X2 4000

2x1gb Kingston Dual DDR

Geforce 7600GT XFX 256mb

HD ATA Maxtor 160gb 7200rpm 16ms

HD ATA Hitachi 200gb 7200rpm 16ms

DVD-RW Samsung 16x

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So, did you got it working?


I probably know less than you do, but from where I stand this seems like a simple problem of getting the kext from the other installation and using it on kalyway, since it's the stable one. The .kext directory should be on /System/Library/Extensions/, but you'll have to figure out which one (just like you did for the rest).


I'm actually just curious to know if you handled it. :laser:

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