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oah750d is the problem - ATSServer FIXED.


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Note: Not all users have all these files:


Com.apple.ATS.plist ~/Library/Prefs

Com.apple.ATS /Library/Caches

FontTablesAnnex /System/Library/Caches

All other files whose names include .ATS or font found in /System/Library/Caches, especially com.apple.ATS.System.fcache and com.apple.ATSServer.FODB_System


Move all these files to the trash (DON'T empty it

or the system will re-create some of the corrupted cache files) and restart. Then you can empty the trash.


ATSServer no longer crashes as much.

oah750d still crashes like a drunk asian.


As usual, all caveats apply, make backups, image your drive, wear a condom.


If this works, give feedback.

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