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Issues on Setting up Kalyway


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hey, i have tried installing kalyway roughly 8 or so times and i have made progress, but now have seemed to hit a brick wall. When i installed it, i found someone on a forum that suggested using the MBR, instead of Guid, which i did, and i got it all installed restarted and the white apple screen would show up and it would tell me to restart, and this happened everytime, untill i went into safe mode (-x) which got me to the keyboard screen, i did the push z and then / and all that, and i got to the screen where it asks me if i want to import my mac settings, i choose the bottom option that said no, and clicked continue and waited.... waited... after a min or 2 the screen changed and it was back at the part where i have to set up the keyboard again. Any Ideas?



Evga 780i mobo, Intel E8400, 2 gig OCZ ram, 40 gig maxtor harddrive IDE, Evga 8800GS video card



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