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Radeon 3870 Video help


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Hi, today I finished downloading the Leo4all 10.5.2 x86 DVD. When I pop it in it boots up, everything works, and is shiny! After formating my partition for Leo, I went to the custom installation menu, and selected the AMD Patch, the TimeMachine Patch, the Useful Apps patch, and deselected the Language translations. In the drivers section, I chose the nVidia Nforce 5 driver, the Realtek AL888 sound driver, and I didn't chose any video drivers (as recommended). The Install went fine and after reboot, I tried to boot up with -v and when that was done my screen was in purple rectangles and the Leopard Welcome Video Started Playing (there was sound too). I decided that to fix it, I would reinstall with the appropriate video driver selected, but after the reboot, and several more reinstalls I get a "chain boot error" when I try to boot up. Can you please help me fix this and live my love life with Leopard... :) (aka this is my first x86 Leopard Install)




AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+

nVidia nForce 550 Motherboard

2GD DDR2 40Omz RAM

Diamond Radeon 3870 512mb

250gb SATA 3GB drive (OSs)

500gb SATA 3GB drive (Data)

Vista Ultimate + XP Media Center

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