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New 10.5.2 problems..


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I just want to respond to this thread to make a point for everyone, because far too often do I see threads like these and it ends with the user saying nevermind I fixed it or they say thanks and that is all working now without saying whose suggestions they followed and what they tried.


I am not faulting the creator of this thread for anything because really this wasn't a very specific issue just something that related to him either needing to boot with the cpus=1 flag and possibly safe mode -s. He may have also boot up the Install disc and used the terminal to pull drivers off of a usb drive and placed the kexts in the proper places.


Either way I just want to point out that when you create a thread and people have been nice enough to help you, you also need to contribute and let people know what fixed it and what didn't and just replying back with ok everything works now is not enough (unless you only had one person to respond and it was their one suggestion that did the trick)



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