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Successsss! My Graphics card and everything working!


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I Finaly managed to get my pc all set up with leo! I installed iaktos r3 nforce edition on a 3.5 external HDD (IDE) and I use it too boot into Leopard whenevr I want!


MY pc specs are in my sig. I finaly managed to get my graphics working which is absolutely great! because it was extremely frustrating and nearly made me give up.


If anyone needs help getting there card working I can help just PM me. For some reason 8600 GT's are very odd and tempermental to get running..


I tested it by installed STEAM in with crossover and I played a few games of half life 2 death match everyone on high with frame rates of 70 + (in windows i get ALLOT more)


Going to install leo on a laptop IDE external 2.5 drive tomorrow and boot from that instead of the bulky 3.5 which also needs a powercable to run (whereas the 2.5 powers by USB)


Just through I would share my sucess

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