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Help Partitioning?


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first off specs are


Dell 640m

1.66Ghz Centrino Duo


60Gb HDD

Win XP


Right, i've first partitioned my disk so that i have 40Gb for windows 10Gb for OSX and 3Gb Shared. I am not going to touch the windows partition, however when i put my Kalyway installation disk in and i try to format it with the disk utility using Mac Journaled with a simple name such as "osx" it refuses to partition and the disk becomes unmounted and the file name becomes 'DISK0S3'


I then have to boot back into windows reformat it with Acronis Disk Suite into FAT32 (LBA) and set it to be a Primary Partition.


Can anyone please help me out with this because its driving me up the wall?


Also i have heard so many different boot sequences to when your trying to boot up Kalyway. First, boot from the CD/DVD Drive and leave it to boot on its own.


Then, boot from CD/DVD Drive then press F8 and then '-v'


Then finally the third option ive heard is boot from CD Drive and press -v -x -z cpus=1


Can someone point me into the right direction as to which one i should actually select and what the others all mean?


I have looked around for the partitioning problem and haven't found anything which helps. But i also have Acronis OS Selector installed which means as soon as Leopard is installed i do not have to fiddle around with the Active drives as it automatically allows you to select which OS you want to boot in.


Thanks for any help guys, been trying with this for quite a while now ;)

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