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Help needed to build a new OSX86 compatible PC with little patches as possible.


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Excuse me for my poor English!


I desire to build a new PC from scratch. It has to be the most compatible as possible with Mac OS X (Leopard 10.5.2).


All devices (audio, video, network, etc.) should work out of the box. I want to use as little patches as possible.


My dream is to use Apple vanilla kernel (xnu) and drivers (kexts).


If possible, I will install the OS from a retail Apple factory-sealed DVD or from an original untouched Leopard DVD image(dmg). I’m conscious that I will have to use at least PC-EFI. But what if I buy one of these EFI-enabled motherboard? Could this replace PC-EFI?


In fact, I fear that patches could contain viruses or spyware and I want to stay secure because I will use the new PC with Mac OS X to do very sensitive activities like financial transactions.


Can you help me to build this new fully OSX86 compatible PC ?


Can you show me an excellent configuration? The budget is not a problem for me.


Thanks a lot.


I appreciate your help.



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