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Selling iMacQuariums


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This post is for anyone who has ever wanted a iMacQuarium but didn't have the time or tools to make one or know where to buy one.




I have made a hobby out of building these out of slot loading iMacs. I designed my own tank for the inside of the iMac case. I had 50 of the tanks manufactured for quality and consistency. I disassemble the iMac, remove all of the electronics, modify the case, install the tank, filter, light, and switch. The face of the tank is curved similar to the CRT screen. This makes a more natural fit against the frame where the monitor used to be instead of just being flat. I designed the tank to be as large as possible inside of the iMac. The case opens easily for feeding fish and access to the inside. The filter and light are wired into one 6 ft. cord. The macQuarium is ready to use out of the box. Simply add your own gravel, decorations, water, and of course fish! Each tank buffed and polished to look like new.




- Each iMac computer case has a custom built fish tank mounted inside.

- I had the tanks manufactured by a plastics company for consistency and quality.

- The face of the tank is curved to better fit where the screen of the CRT monitor used to be.

- The tank holds approximately 3.5 gallons of water!

- I test all tanks to be sure there are no leaks.

- The filter and light are included and already installed.

- The light and the filters air pump are connected into one 6 ft. cord which exits out of the original power cord hole on the back of the case.

- There is a switch on the back of the case to turn the light on and off.

- All electrical components have been protected to resist water contact.

- The faceplate tilts open to uncover feeding holes.

- The colored part of the case is easily removed for access to the inside.

- There is room inside of the case to store fish food and other aquarium supplies.


- All colors are subject to availability.

- Each aquarium I make is buffed and polished to look as new and shiny as possible. Keep in mind, each aquarium is made out of a Used iMac computer and may still contain very minor scratches or blemishes.


Please contact your local pet/aquatics store for information regarding how to start and maintain a healthy aquarium.



The filter and light are wired into one 6 foot power cord. The switch turns the light on and off.



The faceplate tilts open to uncover daily feeding holes. The colored part of the case lifts off for access to the inside of the aquarium.



Setup instructions are included, but as you can see it is basicaly ready to use right out of the box.






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Nice work.. I think the $200 is a reasonable amount for the amount of work it would actually take to make one yourself. Just wondering, where do you get all the old iMacs from? And are the lights and other electronics replaceable if they break?

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I get the iMacs from local recyclers. They are DOA, they resell or donate any working ones. Sometimes they are scratched up but I have some good buffing compound and polish that makes them look like new.


The filter and the light are the only electronics and are easily replaced if one should fail.

The rope light has a bulb life of 35,000 hours or more. That's just shy of 4 years if left on all of the time.

If the light burned out after 4 years you can simply replace the strand of bulbs. The rope light part unscrews from the cord, then just take it to any light store, get a new strand, and screw it back in. I use aquarium silicon on the threads to help prevent any water contact.


The filter is a Terra Whisper 3i in tank filter. I selected this filter because they are available at WalMart, HomeDepot, and almost every pet or aquatic store, so new filter elements will be inexpensive and easy to find. It is also Very Very quiet.


The filter and the light are simply plugged into one 6 foot extension cord. I use aquarium silicon glue to seal and secure the plugs in the sockets and protect them from any water contact. All of the wiring is hidden under the aquarium tank and out of sight.


I put a lot of thought into every aspect of my iMacquariums!

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