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how to make an ~ in mac osx?

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i have an logitech usb keyboard and mac osx 10.5.2 leopard as an hackintosh.

So my question is how can i find out on what keys the apple shortcuts are?


so, under windows the ~ i can make with "AltGr + ~+* key" but with which combination can i make

a ~ under mac osx ?


Also my apple key is on the windows logo key and the @ symbol is at "AltGR + L"


So i hope someone can help me. Or it is possible to change theese keys?


But at first how can i make a ~ in mac osx?






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press AltGr+N.

You can reveal all of the possible keyboard combinations by displaying the "Keyboard Viewer" application and pressing the different keys (alt, ctrl, command, shift, etc). Enable it in the International/"Input Menu" pane of your system preferences and open it by pressing the flag on the menu bar.


EDIT: You also need to check the "show input menu in menu bar" option to see the flag icon.

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At first thank you,


but now i have selected the Keyboard viewer in the international/keyboard pane, but when i press the alt,ctrl,... key nothing happens ? What do you mean exactly?


edit: okay thanks now have it.

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