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How to Dualboot from 2xSATA HDD Vista/OSX : chain booting error

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I have installed Kalyway Leopard to 300GB SATA HDD without any settings. (like sudo flag, or cmd diskpart active things.)

It's working Perfect with pressing F8 at BIOS and select OSX HDD.


But I want to launch my Leopard without pressing F8.

I read many instructions, and I tried "bcdedit /" & "easyBCD". Still can't boot OSX from boot select menu.


So Please Help!




HDD 1 : Windows Vista (I can't define OSX HDD from Vista)

HDD 2 : Kalyway OSX Leopard updated to 10.5.2 (MBR) (My Vista HDD named as "untitled")


There is no partition setting.


I put chain0(from this forum) to C:\

and ntldr file(from XP Install CD) to C:\


Also I made boot.ini file


[boot loader]


c:\chain0="Mac OSX Leopard"

[operating systems]

c:\chain0="Mac OSX Leopard"


putted to C:\


When I choose "Mac OSX Leopard" from boot select menu (Vista Loader), I got this error message "CHAIN BOOTING ERROR".



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