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Dutch Leopard


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I have noticed that in the brazilmac's patch the dutch language is removed.

I really want this language so is it posible to remove the line that removes the dutch language

without failing the installation ?

The reason for the removal in BrazilMAC patch process is to make the final image fit onto a single layered DVD disc. If you have a double layered DVD disc, you can keep the language. Otherwise delete some other language to keep Dutch.


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Bad english text (Ik ben nederlander / i'm a dutch man)


If you don't want to re-install leopard,

and you don't have optional installs.mpkg,

download my translation for finder.


Go to /System/Library/CoreServices/

And Click Right on Finder, and choose show package contents.

Double Click on resources.


Delete the folder Dutch.lproj,

en fill in your password.


Hold open this window!


Then, download my atachment, and extract de folder Dutch.lproj out of the zip.

Copy it to the window, and fill in your password.



Open the folder /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemFolderLocalizations, and drag nl.lproj of the zip to it.

Type in your password.


Then, open system preferences, and then click on the icon 'international'.

Drag the language 'Nederlands' to the top.


Restart the computer



Nederlandse tekst


Als je geen zin hebt om leopard the herinstalleren,

of als je geen optional installs.mpkg meer hebt,

download dan de bijlage.


Download de bijlage, en pak het uit.

Ga nu naar /System/Library/CoreServices

Klik rechts op 'Show package contents'

Klik dubbel op contents, dan op resources, en gooi dan de map dutch.lproj weg,

en typ je wachtwoord in.


Houd dit venster open!


Sleep nu de dutch.lproj van de bijlage naar dit venster,

en vul je wachtwoord in.


Ga nu naar /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemFolderLocalizations, en sleep dan nl.lproj van de bijlage naar de map.

Vul je wachtwoord in.


Ga nu naar System Preferences, en dan op International.

Sleep nu de taal nederlands naar boven.


Herstart de computer,

en geniet!!




You're welcome!

Je bent welkom!

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