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Kalyway 10.5.1 Crash on 680i

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Hola everyone, I DL'd the Kalyway install and it boots fine. I can even choose to boot with the Vanilla kernel too. But when I get to the installer, after a few minutes it crashes.

I have a EVGA 680i Mobo with a Nforce 680i LT chipset.


My hardware lists as is:

Mobo: 680i LT

Hard Drives: 500GB SATA, 120GB ATA

Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz (I downclocked it from 3.4 to test if that was the problem)

GPU: 8800GTS 640MB

RAM: 2GBs PC6400

CD Drive: SATA CD drive


I've tried it through VMware, but it has problems seeing my hard drives... Either of them. My original thought was that it was my CD drive because it is SATA. Every CD drive I've ever installed 10.4 on has been ATA (Fatty connector in the back). But then again, it could be 10.5. This is my first install with 10.5


I'll be back in the morning. Hopefully I can get an answer if this is a common problem. :PIf you want to IM me for Remote Desktop or anything just feel free to PM for my details.





P.S. What I mean by freezing, is I get the multi-language "Please restart your computer" that overlays on the screen and has the universal power symbol in the background.

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