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The Unofficial Guide to install iAtkos to an HP dv9000 (possible 6000)


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Ok Everyone, just to start off, this guide does not yet support:


1. Webcam

2. Wifi


so if you are looking for a fix of that, you're in the wrong place.


Ok, to start off, lets see a little screenshot of what you will get when this is finished:



Time to start. This guide was meant for HP Pavilion dv9000 Notebook PC's and was tested on HP Pavilion dv9543cl.


Step 1. Try to get your hands on an iso image from your favorite p2p site of ubcd4win.iso and look for one that was made already, the the full program.


Step 2. Once downloaded, burn the image to a disk


Step 3. Get your hands on an iAtkos v1.0ir2 DVD


Step 4. Boot into the ubcd4win dvd that you burned and do into disk manager. Delete all of the volumes. (Make sure they show up as "Unallocated"


Step 5. Boot into the iAtkos Disk you made and go into disk utility.


Step 6. Format all the Volumes and Partitions to "Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) and close the Utility


Step 6. Click Continue->Agree->{Select Partition}-> and click Customize.


Step 7. Install The main System, Darwin Bootloader-EFI, all of the Patches (The SSE2 and SSE3 and the 2 removed (something).kext)


Step 8. Install.


Step 9. Boot into your new Mac and set it up.


All done with installation, now for drivers and software.


Ok. here are the things that work with this:





Quartz Xtreme



Webcam (In only Yahoo and Skype, etc.)



The things that automatically work with the installation are:




Time to get started with drivers.


1. Sound and Microphone and Webcam are installed together, isn't that convenient? Google ALC268 Installer and download the installer 2 and install. Or take mine :c)



2. Keyboard and trackpad are also together., I have extracted my ApplePS2Controller.kext so you can extract to: Computer->System->Library->Extensions

thus, replacing the corrupted one, getting your keyboard to work.



3. Quartz Xtreme and a Supported Display are also together! How convenient! Just install this:



All drivers included, except for the Keyboard one, are entirely 3rd Party. Not created by me.




Please post any questions or supportive comments ;)

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Thanks a lot for the info, HP Pavilion dv6647nr here.


I'd already installed a different Iatkos (I think 10.5.4i) but the audio drivers here are well recieved.

They work for built-in mic, speakers and headphone output.


On the Cam drivers, macam 0.9.2 didn't work on the camera.


On that I was wondering if someone recommends a 3rd party cam app?

I know the HP cam works on Yahoo Messenger, but I use Adium and don't want my cam for messaging. Just a cam!


Thanks a lot in advance. Having an OS X laptop with no potential for viruses is weird getting used to after years of Windows heartaches.

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