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Opinions on most compatible 12.1" hackintosh Notebook

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Hi all


I am looking for a 12.1" Notebook that can run Leopard. I would buy a Mac in a heart beat but I don't like the look of the macbook and the mackbook pro is just too darned BIG!! I have a 12" Powerbook G4 that I love but it cannot run windows natively of course. I have been mostly looking at Asus Core 2 Duo laptops. Lenovo 12.1" - not many have optical drive built in, Dell - not much choice, HP can't swap wifi cards easily if required, Toshiba & Acer concerns about reliability, Sony - expensive for what they offer in comparison but would consider one.


Here are my needs in priority:


11.1" to 12.1" and lightweight for travel

Runs Leopard (10.5.1+)

Sleep Mode works

Wifi works

Sound works (could use USB dongle or bluetooth)

Video kind of works

Bluetooth maybe

Price <$2300



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