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testing my php on apache

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I have apache and php installed, all I have to do to see if php is ok is to type plus some other stuff I forgot and I can't find the site where I got the instructions.

It was something like and some other stuff.

I just want to test some php scripts.

Any help?


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It will depend on how you configured your Apache server. On a standard installation of Apache/php you can just place a phpinfo.php test file in the /Apache/http/ folder. The file's contents should be:


and call it via to get a nice view of your php server's information.


There is no need to add the "localhost" string to the server's IP address. localhost, is a string that represents the local machines IP address. So in your case localhost =

You can try it out by entering localhost/phpinfo.php in your URL.


Also the username string is probably unnecessary unless you have enabled a per-user home folder structure (I doubt that).


Hope this helps,



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