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GeForce 8400 M GS Laptop


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I have 10.5.2 installed on my hp dv6521 with geforce 8400 M GS (Full QE/CI).

OpenGL Extension Viewer tests shows that card is 5 times slower on Leopard than on Vista. (Mean values during the tests are around 120, but on Vista around 600)

Is there any explanation, tweak or anything else?


P.S I had some improvement when i sleep the computer and run the test again but still not close to the performance in windows!?



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hello ,turn off the "beam sync" option,and try again.

easy way :use a small tool from xcode package,it's a long time so i forgot the name,sorry.

or you may try this code in your terminal window:

sudo -s


[type your password]


chmod -R 755 beamsync


chown -R root:wheel beamsync


./beamsync -d


reboot your box,then you have it .

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