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Leo4All - Hangs after install at DirectoryService[32]: Loaded...


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localhost DirectoryService[32]: Loaded version 5.2 (v524.4)


No noticeable errors in the screen before that. Seems to be loading fine, then just stops there and never moves.




Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400

Network: On-board Marvell Yukon 88E8053

Sound: On-board Realtek HD Audio

RAM: 2gig G.SKILL PC800 DDR2

Video: GeForce 7900 GS 256mb



Installed with Leo4All v2, chose vanilla kernel 9.2.2.

For 3rd party drivers I installed the AC97 one, the Nvidia ones, and the NVInject 256mb.


The installation goes fine, and as I said it seems to boot fine. It just hangs at the above line.


Also note: I got it to boot before using the non-vanilla kernel (don't remember the name, but the one required for AMD) and with no 3rd party drivers selected. This was because I had accidentally forgotten to Customize the installation. It had loaded but I had no sound, no network, and everything was insanely slow. So I decided to reinstall using the above options.


One final thing. During the verbose loading of the installation, I see a yellow error saying AppleYukon2 has immediate dependancies on X and Y; please select 1 style. No idea what that means or how to fix it (I don't remember the package names represented by X and Y).

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thanks for the response. I re-installed with no video drivers selected, and used the speedstep 9.2.0 kernel instead of vanilla.


It now boots up fully and runs much faster while operating it.


The only problem I have now is that neither my onboard sound or my onboard network are working (realtek ALC888 for sound, marvel 88E8053 for network).


I am having trouble finding anything that might fix either of these issues. Neither hardware are being detected at all by OSX. The system profiler says no audio/network information available.


edit: in the sound setup on the input page I can now see movement in the guage when I speak (microphone). I still can't hear anything though.

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Sound is now working. I had to move my headphone to a different jack.


Still unable to get network to work though :/ I even tried manually adding AppleYukon2.kext frominside the OS using pacifier.


I get a final error before going to the GUI of the OS.


Something something network interface not found ... etc etc .... can't get UUID.


Something to that effect, sorry for the lack of detail .. it flashes so quickly before disappearing.


Any ideas on how to get my ethernet to work?

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