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thinking of building a Pro Tools/Logic Pro 8 Rig Need Help/suggestions


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hi, so I've been around these forums for about a month or so, and I think it's time i build my new rig. i've done some searches on this but came up empty.


I need a hackintosh for only pro tools audio work. And i need it to be as reliable as regular mac pro.


I'm going with 10.4 Tiger because my pro tools Mbox 2 pro factory bundle and software is only compatible with tiger. Can anyone tell me 1. if what i want to do is worth doing on a hackintosh, 2. the best hardware (motherboard, graphics card, ect.) for this to build based on my specs below.


heres the software i'd need to run:

Pro tools logic

logic pro 8

native insruments complete 5

protools 7.4

-Mbox 2 pro - factory bundle


So here's what i've come up with. I have about $3,000 to spend.



1. Firewire 800 - 2 or 3 ports

2. SATA compatibility

3. 2 dual or quad core processors - possibly 2 Q6600 or better based on any recommendations

4. wireless and blutooth

5. I think I want atleast 8 gigs of ram or more



1. Nothing fancy just a 100% compatible cheap graphics card that has dual monitor outputs



Thank you for taking the time to read my post and long live hackintosh osx86!!!



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i've designed a few DAW's and a single dual core will do perfectly as well as around about 2 gig of ram ... where you wanna go nuts on is hard drive space as most of everything is put out as uncompressed waveform files


if you get the right board which has i believe (but i'm not exactly sure) the intel 915 northbridge you should be alright with graphics

as far as wireless ... i guess generic wifi should work but check around see what card and chipset is gonna give you the best performance and ease of install

but for bluetooth ... there's only one the dlink dbt-120 from my research.



for ideas on builds go and look around the installation forums and see what people have had sucess with

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