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Dell inspiron 6000


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Yeah, I have an Inspiron 6000 and I've gotten both Tiger and Leopard working. All installation images should work, but there is a quirk regarding the video that has to be done in order for any of the installs to work. You have to use a pin hack where you stick like a small staple or something in two of the pin holes on your VGA port. Here is a little tutorial that I just found by Googling it:




It has something to do with how OSX recognizes the RAM allocated to the video.


The Intel 915 video isn't totally supported in Leopard, and I'm not sure where it is at in Tiger since I haven't used that since the earlier builds. In leopard, it works out of the box, but Quartz and stuff isn't enabled unless you use some crazy hack that I found after searching for hours about it, but even then my dock got all funky. If you upgraded your video to ATI, I think it is supported but you'd have to research.


Default intel wireless card isn't supported (as of early builds, but that may have changed), so I went on ebay and bought a Broadlink one which worked. It was like 10 bucks.


Other than that, it works great. Sound works. Runs quickly. It's good.

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