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8800gtx -> quadro FX 5600


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I'm quite happy that my 8800gtx card is working, though I spend most of my time working on high end graphics software, hence the idea of converting the card to a highend quadro fx 5600 is rather appealing to me. It was a great trick a few years back with the 4th generation cards. It seems that some fellows have succeeded in flashing the bios of the 8800 range to the quadro bios. Which is an interesting idea, since the quadro is a far more ( ~5* ) expensive card, while the hardware itself is that of an ordinary 8800.

Has anyone tried this so far? I'm curious to hear any experiences.


I'm curious to know





should be possible?


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Can you show me how to flash and where can I get this BIOS file?


I have tried to do this flashing successfully but I can't boot to my Hackintosh.


Please advice.


thank you in advance.

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