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USB modem driver..read but not functional..help

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hi, i recently installed leopard, upgraded to 10.5.2, everything is workin perfect, all usb devices are fine..the only thing that is bugging is that my modem is usb, and i have the driver for it (came on the cd), it is read in the sys info, but in network pref. its acting as if its not there..i tried to rm -rf caches, tried other usb drivers, tried booting with -f and -legacy, nothing..and updated my kernel version..again..nothing..so if any body have any suggestions..plz..help..thx alot and no i cant afford a wireless router atm :unsure: thx


oh, i just tried to load the kext manually with -t command, well, gives me this.."extension doesnt have code for this architecture" or something like that..help !!

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