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Vista 32, 64 & Leopard Triple Boot

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Just got a MacBook Pro and I like it so much I'm thinking about converting my main PC desktop workstation to a hacked Leopard setup. I still need Window and I'd like to use Parallels for the day to day stuff, so I'd setup Leopard with Vista 32 via bootcamp. But I also need Vista 64 for the occasional major render or dynamics simulation (3D production, not nessarily gaming). Is it possible to setup all three OS's in Bootcamp? I've done a fair bit of reading around here and it doesn't look like bootcamp is up for that, right?


If that wouldn't work, what would be the best alternative, maybe installing Vista 32 virtualized directly with Parrallels and doing Vista 64 in Bootcamp. Does parrallels play nice with non-bootcamp boot loaders?


Thanks, I'd appreciate your suggestion, I've found a ton of information on doing this but figuring out what's current is making it hard to wade through.

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