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XfX 8400Gs 256 meg, Trying to get 8400gs 256 meg not working


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Well i have a pny 8400gs, and i searched and searched, i found that what i did to make it work without having to edit the nvcaps, i downloaded the 10.5.2 kext installer with nvinject .21, from here, i ran the installer, reboot the computer, i added the kernel that fixed the sleep thingie, so at first it wouldnt let me restart, so i had to manually push the reset button, but after i booted, i did so using -v. wait til it gets done scrolling, mine landed on ethernet 0d:1s: blah blah, it may seem to stall but be patient, i have 2gb of memory and it took about 2min to load, i dont know why, but i try not to reboot so i dont care, then when you get into the screen will load and you may click about this mac, and look under more info, and check your video card should say qe supported and the rotation supported, along with your monitor name, well mine did. I dont have dual monitor cause i dont think i changed the nvcaps, but i dont mind, I just did this so i can run wmware and use it to host winxp, and run ccxstream to stream video to my xbox, i hear you can use it on a mac too but i didnt feel like trying to learn how, this was more of an experience, and i learned something. the system runs fine, i just dont reboot or anything. my usbs work everything works, i did the 10.5.2 combo update and all is fine, and spaces really helps if you dont have dual monitors, i think its a clear alternative. I hope this helps you, ive seached eveywhere for the solution to the 8400gs QE problem, and i found it. Im gonna buy a 7300gt, that card doesnt need anything, and it has dual monitor support, but now i can wait for it. let me know what happensand remember to use -v so you can chek all the lines for errors!!

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