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Succesfully installed Kalyways Leo on 775Dual-VSTA - No boot?


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So, I think the title says pretty much.


I installed Kalyways 10.5.1 version to this system:


Intel Pentium E2160

1024 DDR2

Asrock 775Dual-VSTA

ASUS GeForce 6600GT

40gb IDE HD

NEC ND2510


Installation was succesful, I did screw up couple times setting EFI instead of MBR, with MBR it worked. Installation was succesful, but when I try to boot the screen stays blank and nothing seems to happen. It accesses the HD one time, but seems to stop or something. No error mesages about boot disk error though. Strange.


I don't have a working mac os x86 installation available so any kind of patching isn't possible. I noticed that there was two drivers for Nvidia cards, I will try another later.

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