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Pidgin chat logs -> Adium


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I used to use (and love) Pidgin on Vista and I've accumulated a good amount of chat logs. Now that I've moved to OS X, I've become attached to Adium. I was wondering if anyone has tried or considered, or found an easy way to port Pidgin's chat logs to Adium and to be able to viewed under Adium's chat transcript viewer?


The problem here is that Pidgin's log's format is .html, whereas Adium's is .chatlog; the way the files are named are also different ("YYYY-MM-DD.HHMMSS.html" vs. "screenname (YYYY-MM-DDTHH.MM.SS-0700).chatlog"). The only solution I can think of is manually change the file format & file name into the right timestamp format and on top of it append the correct username. Or a script that does something like that, but I'm clueless about scripts in OS X.


Any thought?

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