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Due some limitations, i'm running Mac OS X Tiger under Intel like yours, or most of us, so i can't install any theme because shapeshifter wont run..


well, this is my first mac desktop, i'm getting some knowledge to customize and modding mac osx for be most amazing ones, for the first one? good? normal? :)


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Clean | Dirty


Due some limitations, i'm running Mac OS X Tiger under Intel like yours, or most of us, so i can't install any theme because shapeshifter wont run..


well, this is my first mac desktop, i'm getting some knowledge to customize and modding mac osx for be most amazing ones, for the first one? good? normal? :)


you ca have a look of mine :lol:


cripes almight you guys wasted no time customizing the bejesus out of it haha


I'm still trying to get everything running correctly before I go that route. Had to reimage one too many times already



This is my last one

still trying to get a descent desktop on mac :rolleyes:


Wall: Kell by Misato-Chan @ DeviantArt

Icons: Somatic + Litho System/Extras1,2

How do you get the taskbar to right justify? And what skin/mp3 player are you using?


That's pretty nice :)


Its simple

use some softares: thinkertool or cocktail


nice system utilities, including hidden systempreferences features like this.


about mp3 player, its just itunes :)

sometimes i use itunes companion widget for konfabulator

Why are the screenshots so grainy? Is there anyway we can fix this?


in my personal opinion, it seems to signify that the screenshot was taken on a beta OS. there MAY be personal information encoded into the image...


PPC betas of Panther and Tiger both had this anomaly...



Nice discussion going on there. Wonder if there are any way around this. Thanks for the link btw. :(


everyone seemed to think i was crazy. it just doesn't make sense that several beta version have grainy screenshots, and all the release versions don't. it is a consistent pattern, and must signify something. i still believe there is an IP and or username encoded into the screenshots to make it easy for Apple to track down NDA breakers.


call me crazy...but it just makes sense...

Here is my Current Desktop.




I give all my computers names and themes. and since I'm finally useing OSX as the prime OS on my PC I gave it an offical name. as you can guess my OSX x86 PC got the name 'Tifa'. =P


I like to give each of my computers their own idenity. I know it sounds weird, but its something I like to do,


My Other Computers:

Misao - G4 450MHz Cube

Peach - G4 Dual 450MHz Tower

Nene - AMD 1.2Ghz Shuttle PC

Ayane - Intel P4 2Ghz

Miho - AMD64 3000+ PC (same PC as Tifa)

Rikku - 17" 1GHz PowerBook G4

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hey, nice work cabron :(


how did you change your dock like that and how did you get a widget on your desktop


thanks for any info :P


To be able to drop widgets on your desktop -


Open Terminal




defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES


Press return after that line. Make sure you include the full stops/periods and watch you don't put any extra spaces in. If you're reading this in OSx you could copy'n'paste from this post.


Then close the terminal, log out or restart, and now you can -


Open the dashboard. Grab a widget and start dragging it. While you are still dragging it, press F12 and the dashboard closes but the widget is still there, being dragged.


Release the mouse and the widget stays on the desktop. Voila!


To put it back in the dashboard, drag it like before and hit F12 - let go when the dashboard is open.


You don't need to be root to do this. Widgets have a strange habit of putting themselves back in the dashboard if you have them open on the desk when you invoke the dashboard. This seems to happen randomly and I'm not sure why.

Another handy dock tip which most of you probably know but which might help some folks who are used to the Windoze way of doing things. Missing the Windows Start Menu? You can create a lookalike popup menu of applications and folders right from your dock.


What you're going to do is create a folder with links to your favourite apps, give it a nice new icon, stick it in the dock and use it like a start menu.


Start by creating an empty folder and then opening the applications folder in another finder window. Now grab the apps you want and pull them to the new folder but BEFORE you let go of the mouse press both the Command and the Option (CTRL + ALT) keys. You *must* do this before you release the application icon. When you release the mouse you have a link in your new folder and the original app is still in Applications. It's important to create links because some apps won't work outside of their normal folder. If you made a mistake and dragged the app itself, just drag it back and try again. Once you have the link (you'll know it's right because you've got a little arrow in the corner, just like a Windoze shortcut) you can rename it to whatever you want.


Do this for all your favourite apps. You can also add links to folders if you wish.


Now you'll probably want a different icon for that folder before you add it to the dock. Find an icon you like - newbies might be better off downloading Mac icons from the web 'cos they're already the right size and colour depth etc. There are loads out there. Select the icon and click 'Get Info'. Now up at the top of the info window is the image of the icon. Click on that little image so it's selected and then Edit/Copy. Now open the Get Info window for your new folder. Select the little folder image at the top and when it's highlighted select Edit/Paste. Bingo, the icon for the folder changes to whatever you just pasted. If you haven't given the folder a good name already, now is the time to do it.


When you're happy with your choice you can drag and drop this new folder into your dock to the right of the little vertical line, by the trashcan, and there it will stay.


Now you can either click on the icon to get a finder window for those apps or even better just click and hold to get a vertical menu of those apps. If you have two buttons on your mouse you can right click for the same thing. It sort of matches the Windoze start menu. Keeps the dock nice and tidy too.


I know there are other ways of doing the above and I won't be offended if anyone wants to tell us a better way!


Today's final customization tip - I find it handy to customize the finder windows to include the Get Info and Path icons. Right click on the toolbar at the top of the window and select "Customize". Now you can drag the icons you want right onto the toolbar and there they'll stay. Have fun!


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