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[sell] MacBook Core Duo 2.0GHz [BLACK]

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I would like to sell this computer and upgrade to a base model MacBook Pro.


Its in excellent condition, i love the computer and i treat it like a baby. the outer case is being replaced as we speak because of the common cracking issue on the palmrest, so the trackpad, palmrest and keyboard will all be brand new. The RAM is an upgrade from the original 1GB of stock RAM i had in it.


I know about how much I want for it, but if some people are interested and would like to make offers first, i'll let you do that first. I won't take ridiculous offers--i know how much i can actually get for this computer.


PM me or respond here if you are interested.


EDIT: I forgot to add that i actually still need to hold onto this computer until the 2nd week of May when my term is over but if you're interested please feel free to let me know. I'm looking for between 900-1000 for it, so between now and the middle of May, i'll take the best offer i get. I also have this listed on Facebook Marketplace and will probably be listing it on Craigslist here in the next month, but i wanted to give you all a heads up since i know a good amount of you are avid mac users :D

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