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Permissions: @ in 11th position ?

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I hope X-Scripts is the right forum:


I have some files with a strange permission identifier:

-rw-r--r--@ 1 root wheel 129761 21 mar 13:16 DicOOo.sxw


I know what means a "t" in 11th position:it's the sticky bit

But what is a @ ?...


I get this @ each time I create a file on MAC OSX file system from Linux (I've enabled the write possibility).

I noticed also that MACOSX add a "+" in 11th position for the directories.


I didn't find an answer with google.




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Euhhhh, sorry but where to use the -e ?

I tried ls -e but didn't got any extra information on files.


man ls gives me:

-e Print the Access Control List (ACL) associated with the file, if present.


So ls isn't the right command...

What is the right command?





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