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boot without install disc? Help.


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I already have an LEOPARD installed to my 2nd HDD. My first is an IDE 60GB with windows XP (drive c:), and the 2nd in an 320GB sata with 2 partitions, 1 the bigger for my files (ntfs) and other with 40GB is installed LEOPARD...


I have an ASUS P5B PREMIUM motherboard and i only can start leopard if i select the usb dvdrw drive as boot and insert the install disc... if i remove the disc i get the b0 error.... (and put the hd to ASCH mode.)


Today i bought other HDD, it will be an MAXTOR 500GB. I'm thinking of remove IDE (windows) and let the 500GB for windows and let this 320GB entire for mac... But i would like to know how can i put the hd to boot, without dvd installer.... Its boring have to always insert a disc to turn on the system..


Thanks :o


My config:


CORE 2 QUAD Q6600 2.4GHz

2 GB (2x1GB ddr2 800 MHz)

hd1_ide 60GB

hd2: sata 320GB

hd3 (new will arrive tomorrow) SATA 500GB.


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