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Booting Problems


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Ok , where to start .....


My goal here is to be able to dual boot between XP and OSX with one hard drive.


I started by downloading the "KALYWAY LEOPARD 10 5 1 intel SSE2 and SSE3" DVD install disk.


Next I used partition magic to resize my hardrive and create a new partition for the OSX install , XP was already installed.


Went threw the setup process , booted off DVD , installed Leopard on new partition. Everything went ok then I rebooted and ended up at a "b0 error" no XP or Leopard , so I did some searching and found that I could boot into the Leopard harddrive install by booting from the dvd image and letting it time out. Leopard works fine this way , loads right up everything works , sound, network ,etc.


So I did some more searching and ended up booting off the dvd again , get to a term and running fdisk to set my Leopard partition as active :


fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0


flag 2 ( I choose my Leopard partition)





Now when the system starts up it stops at a blinking cursor.


The time out method still works for booting Leopard.


Only way I can get XP to load is by booting from Partition Magic boot cd and setting my XP partition as active then XP boots fine. But if I want to go back to Leopard , I gotta start the dvd install , get to a term and do the fdisk all over again setting flag 2 to get my leopard partition install active and loading with the timeout method.


BLA. How can I fix this without using a hammer ?


Thanks !

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"does the rd=disk#s# not boot the mac?"


Umm where I enter that ?


Right now Im at booting into XP. I have chain0 in C:\ and C:\chain0="Mac OS X86" in my boot.ini , but when I select it on boot I get the HFS+ Partition Error. I checked out that link above and it didn't help me any.


I looked at my partition table with ptedit and my Leopard partition type is set to "Extended X" (0F) boot type is 00. I tried setting type to AF , even though that wasn't in the list and setting boot type to 80. Still HFS+ Partition Error.

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