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XP on MacBookPro, No BootCamp/XOM/Parrallel's


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MacBookPro Clean Install of Vista or XP


XP on MacBookPro, No BootCamp/XOM/Parrallel's


Hello all! I am trying to get Windows XP to natively (No Boot Camp, XOM, Or parallel's) work on my MacBookPro and am wondering has anyone else done this? with all driver's intact of course.



MacBookPro 17"

CPU - T2600 @ 2.163GHz

Memory – 2 GB

HD – 100 GB


ATI Mobility Radeon X1600


I have:


OS X Tiger <----- not using just have

Windows Xp Upgrade

Windows Vista 32 Home Premium


I have installed Window's XP on my MacBookPro and am wondering if anyone else has done a Clean Window's XP with No Boot Camp ,XOM, Or parallel's yet?


(I actually installed Window's XP (upgrade) by inserting the disk into the MacBookPro and though I was unable to eject the disk when XP asked to validate an older full version of window's I plugged in an external (USB) DVD/CDRW with my Win 98 disk in it and voila it installed.)


After Windows XP Install I installed:


1 -"Inputremapper_1_0_04_release" - this fixed all the key mapping, fan control, screen lighting, and sound control.

2 - "Install Macintosh drivers for windows .exe" - but it really didn't do much that wasn't already done.

3- Window's Update.


This is what the device driver's look like now.




What are some other easy to use driver's I can install:


help :laser:

Is there a download site for them that anyone knows about for those drivers's? I don't know if they are protected or anything. A couple of device's are unknown which make's it fun for the whole family.


I have been searching for a thread covering the complete thing but haven't had any success yet.


I found this old post and it show's exactly what I am seeing on my end but doesn't show a solution. I sent an email to the blogger and am waiting for a response. 2 Weeks and counting.



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